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Keyshia Cole and her baller husband Boobie Gibson are keeping the world guessing as far as their relationship goes.

Over the weekend, Boobie was spotted making it rain on a special H-Town stripper by the name of Ciara, and by the looks of all the money on the ground and the pic he took with CiCi, Boobie had a night to remember!

Keyshia, on the other hand, brought in the new week with lots of subliminals (or maybe we’re just reaching) via a remix to Drake’s song “From Time.”

As we know, Keyshia has always been one to sing about her relationship woes. A few of the lyrics are:

“He trust me because he’s been through more than most of us..”

She also posted:

Keyshia and Boobie have been breaking up and making up for a while now – that much is clear (as she recently covered her Boobie tattoo). Still, we’re hoping that they are sticking together.

Check out video footage of Keyshia’s “From Time” remix below.


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