After her cover went viral, Chloe Bailey tapped in with Capella Grey for a remix to his hit single, 'Gyalis.' Click inside to listen.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of vibing out to Summer Walker‘s music, you’re late. Get on it. The Atlanta singer-songwriter is taking over the R&B world with her infectious tunes and heartfelt lyrics. One of fans’ personal favorites is Walker’s song “Girls Need Love” off her Last Day Of Summer EP. Girls can never […]

These selection of bangers came from one viral audio fiasco.

Creative head gear takes the power away from a ridiculous slogan.

Kash gives us her side of the story—we're hoping they can work it out.

There must be something in Toronto’s water—we’ve got another superstar from the 6 side on our hands. GNA, a.k.a Gina Lee, has been performing for quite some time (fun fact: she played young Nala in The Lion King broadway musical) and now the R&B singer is determined as ever to make her mark on the […]

Happy Monday! May your day be as lit as this guy doing a Dr. Seuss/Migos mashup. We didn’t know we needed this until now: There definitely needs to be a an entire category based on Dr. Seuss remixes to Migos tracks. I’m sure we’ll all be pretty entertained.

If you’re someone who hasn’t quite caught on to the “emo trap” of Lil Uzi Vert and XXXTentacion, maybe a shift in sound can warm you up. Watch singer and producer Kid Travis put a laid back spin on X’s “Sad!” and Lil Uzi’s “XO Tour Llif3” in the clip below. The lyrics are still extremely […]