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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Lady Gaga and R. Kelly performed on SNL together this weekend, and it was the best thing we’ve seen in weeks.

It was sexual, outrageous, and down right bizarre, but guess what? It gave us life.

From Lady Gaga simulating oral sex on Kells, to R. Kelly palming Lady Gaga’s voluptuous ARTPOP cakes, the “Do What U Want” singers had our mouths wide open and our side eyes in full effect. But hey, if you’re not giving a smashing good (literally) performance in “the 2k13,” you’re probably losing.

So in honor of all the awkward dry humping and push-ups, we rounded up 22 gifs of R. Kelly doing what he does best – being awesomely bizarre.

Take a few moments of out of your day and let the Pied Piper give you life down below.

1. Getting that late night phone call from Mr. Biggs

2. Getting caught cheating by Mr. Biggs.

3. And actually realizing that sh*t is about to pop off.

4. THIS!!!!!!

5. All of his “U Mad” points, like this one…

6. And this one….

7. Oh, and definitely this one.

8. Throwing his crown jewels

9. The pied piper pelvic thrust

10. His mystical guitar street solo

11. Doubling as the Black Pied Piper and…

12. The Black Batman.

13. And the Pink Pied Piper?!

14. But dances like….

15. It’s nobody’s business.

16. ……

17. These gold braids

18. His cook it up dance #hotandfresh #outthekitchen

19. Karate Kells

20. Proposing to ass…literally.

21. The visualization of feeling on your boo-hoo-ty

22. And the actualization of feeling on your boo-hoo-ty


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