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It’s that time of year again, yup, it’s Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and spending time with your family, but as we all know, family can…how do we say this? Get on your damn nerves.

In every black American household, there are so many characters that show up for the soul food feast and festivities. From the creepy uncle your mother tells you to steer clear of, to the grandmother who leads a 20-minute prayer before EVERY Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving for a black family is nothing short of chaotic entertainment (Spades games included).

In honor of the awkward moments and family dramatics, GlobalGrind rounded up the 17 types of family members that are found at every African-American Thanksgiving, yours included.

So take a break from stuffing your face with candied yams, turkey, and collard greens, and find out how your family matches up with our list below.

1. The Grandmother who can’t stop praying.

2. The grandmother who’s always talking about gas problems or bowel movements.

3. The grandfather who still thinks he’s a “young buck.”

4. The grandfather who can’t stop talking shit.

5. The Creepy Uncle

6. The Gay Uncle

7. The Drunk Uncle

8. The Swirly Uncle

9. The broke family member who mooches. 

10. The rich cousin who constantly reminds everyone else how broke they are. 

11. The Rapping Brother

12. The “D-Boy” Cousin

13. The Feuding Cousins

14. The auntie with a deadbeat boyfriend. 

15. The entirely too grown baby cousin. 

16. The auntie with too many damn kids that are BEYOND bad!

17. The cousin who brings a new boo every year.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And remember to come prepared with your “eating pants.”


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