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It’s Turkey time! And before your dinner’s turkey pals can get over the slaughter of one of their own, the consumerist masses (ourselves included) will be barreling down to the Walmarts and Targets of the world that will be open starting Thanksgiving night. 

You’re going to get sucked into the vacuum no matter what your grandma says about breaking Turkey Day tradition for shopping, so we may as well make sure you go in properly armed.

Check out our 6 tips for getting shit done while shopping Black Friday, whether you are getting your own goodies, or getting a head start on your Christmas list, we’ve got the guide for you.

6. Wait for Cyber Monday.

Stop right here if you’re shopping for electronics on Black Friday! Unless you are actually effectively planning on lines, and numbers with a specific product in mind, save your coins and your time to shop online for Cyber Monday while at your desk eating leftover turkey.

5. Have a game plan.

Just about everything will be on sale, and if you have no game plan, you’ll want to buy just that: Everything. Go in with a list in mind if you are shopping for gifts, knocking people off as you find the deal that would best suit their style. Be organized, budget your time and your list effectively.

4. Be Nice. 

Seriously, the sales people have left their families early, and fought the ‘itis to come and assist you on your crazy shopping escapade, so don’t be a dick. No, they may not have gift boxes for your convenience, and no, they may not have that super exclusive on super sale item at 4 p.m. because it’s the biggest shopping day of the freaking year, so play nice.

3. Start early…Like, days early.

There will be deals all week long leading up to Black Friday, not to mention a hefty bit of coupons that are in circulation. Plan accordingly, beat the crowd and if the price does dip on Black Friday, come armed with your receipt for the stores that allow price adjustments.

2. Shop kitchen things instead of electronics.

Seriously, what are the odds that you need another TV 10 inches bigger than the one you bought last year? Not likely. Kitchen items are boxed to move in bulk and you probably do need to upgrade that juicer you’ve been shutting off the lights with since 1998.

1. Do you really need that? 

Ask yourself this when shopping for yourself. Carry the item around. Think about it. Yes, the deal is good, but will you actually use it? Do you have a place in your home/closet for it? I bet you don’t, so get back to shopping for others, you slouch.

Need help deciding what to buy? We’ve got a list for that too. Check it out here.