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Kanye West has been all over the radio pulling corporations’ cards, and as we all know, one big company he’s especially upset with is Louis Vuitton. In fact, he’s so angry that the heads over at LV wouldn’t sit down for a meeting with him, that he called for a boycott!

Well, TMZ recently caught up with funny man Katt Williams and asked his opinion on the situation.

When asked if he thinks Kanye has that kind of pull, Katt responded comically:

“I would hope that’s not what we would use all that Black power for but I mean… it’s a good thing for him to say. I’m saying I appreciate that. They were talking about Jay-Z because of how he responded with Barneys so I’m saying this is the opposite of that so we’ll see what’s true.”

When asked if he would join the boycott, he cut the pap off mid-sentence and pulled out his LV luggage. Check out Katt speak on Kanye’s influence below and let us know what you think.

Does Kanye have the power to shut down Louis Vuitton sales for the 2013 holiday season?


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