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Paul Walker

As we previously reported the Fast and The Furious star lost his life in a fiery car wreck after a charity event in California over the weekend.

New surveillance video shows the exact moment of impact of the crash that took the lives of Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas.

In the rooftop video below, you can see when Paul’s Porsche GT approaches and smoke starts to rise, right before a large explosion. The video puts to rest the chatter that Paul and Roger were in a street race at the time of the crash, because no cars are seen immediately following the incident and the LA Sheriff’s department has dismissed those allegations.

TMZ also got their hands on a warning issued by Porsche back in 2004 when they released their GT, saying dealers should be careful to whom they sell the car, because the vehicles have all the disadvantages of a racecar.

In the doc, a Porsche exec says, “You need to be aware of what type of road surface you are on (dips; pot holes, seam heights, etc.)”

TMZ points out that the road Roger and Paul were driving on was covered with reflective dots.

Speaking of the road, Paul’s Fast & Furious costar Vin Diesel stopped by the crash site and addressed the crowd that had gathered:

“Show the love that you shown Paul it’s going to stay with me forever. I just wanted to say thank you for coming down here and showing that Angel up in Heaven how much you appreciate him.”

The actor also posted a moving message on his Facebook page featuring a picture of him and Paul:


“To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die.”

Thomas Campbell.

Pablo, I wish you could see the world right now… and the profound impact, your full life has had on it, on Us… on me…

I will always love you Brian, as the brother you were… on and off screen.

The Walker family has also issued their appreciation for all the support, updating the fallen actor’s Facebook with the following message:

“Paul Walker’s family appreciates the outpouring of love and goodwill from his many fans and friends,” the statement read. “They have asked, in lieu of flowers or other gifts, that donations please be made to Paul’s charity Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW). Donations can easily be made through their website at http://www.ROWW.org/.”
“It’s comforting for them to know that the son, brother, and father they love so much is equally adored, respected, and appreciated by so many,” the statement continued. “Paul founded the organization with the genuine desire to help others, and it’s important to his family to keep his memory alive through ROWW.”

Paul’s 15-year-old daughter Meadow is taking the loss of her father rather hard. While talking to reporters, Paul Walker Sr told them:

“Meadow is taking it really tough, [but] she has family around her and some very, very loving friends. They’re all close. There’s a lot of hugging, a lot of hand-holding.”
“[It’s] really tough…It’s hard, every now and then I’ll really break down. Talking really seems to help. Remembrances, talking about him… There’s just such a tremendous amount of stories.”

Hopefully the family will get a small bit of closure soon, as the LA Coroner is getting ready to begin the autopsy as early as today. Yesterday they told E!News:

“I cannot confirm with 100 percent certainty that the examinations will take place tomorrow. Both of the autopsies on the victims of that accident are on hold today,” they told E! News. “We are probably holding off pending identification confirmation. The bodies have not been identified. The bodies have not yet been examined.”

The LA Coroner’s office was waiting on dental records to identify the bodies.


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