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Last week, A Tribe Called Quest had their final show ever, opening up for Kanye West during his Yeezus tour.

Before Tribe hit the stage, RapRadar’s frontman Elliott Wilson kicked it with the legendary Q-Tip, the frontman of ATCQ.

The two talked about a number of things — like the anniversary of Tribe’s classic Midnight Marauders album and appearing on Busta Rhymes’ “Thank You” track — but the really interesting tidbit came when Kanye West’s name was brought up.

While talking about his upcoming album, New Zulu, Q-Tip casually revealed that he was producing on Kanye’s next album. Not only that, but he also revealed that Rick Rubin will be returning:

“I’m producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin, I’m doing’ that, so that’s coming up.”

Yeah, no biggie, right?

Listen to the entire interview above.

SOURCE: RapRadar

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