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Another young life is lost and another child is without its mother.

A Texas teen was stabbed to death while holding her baby at a bus stop yesterday afternoon around 3 p.m., according to Fox San Antonio.

The unnamed teen was waiting at the bus stop when friends say her ex approached her and they got into an argument. It soon escalated, as the suspect stabbed the teen in the chest and abdomen.

A friend of the victim tried to help by protecting the baby. The child was not harmed, but the friend was taken to a local hospital with cuts to her body.

According to the teenager’s friend:

“Everyone is really sad, we just saw her really pale. I was really sad and devastated, she was a really good girl, and a good friend. Nothing like that deserved to happen to her.”

The suspect was later caught by an undercover cop, where he was taken into custody.

May she rest in peace.

SOURCE: Fox San Antonio | PHOTO CREDIT: Screenshot