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We all remember Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech Powers, from the set of Saved By The Bell.

He was the geeky teen who had an in with the most popular kids in his high school, and according to rumors – that Dustin had a part in starting – those popular kids may have been doing drugs while portraying our favorite Saved By The Bell characters.

In an effort to set the record straight, Dustin spoke out about the issue via HuffPost Live. He starts off by painting a picture of what their lives were like during the peak of their SBTB acting careers:

“You’ve got a whole set of teenagers with raging hormones who are all on top of the world. I mean, this felt like The Beatles at some point. We were doing mall tours to help, you know, promote affiliates around the country. NBC would fly us out first class. We’d ride in limos to these malls. These kids would come out [by] the thousands and then, you know, certain instances where police and security had to run out. You know, being chased by mobs – literally mobs of people – trying to grab and rip our clothes off.”

Screech goes on to explain that although he may have implied young kids living in this lifestyle are probably going to do drugs, he never actually said that he ever witnessed his castmates getting high.

Check out the clip in the video up above and judge for yourself.

Why’d they have to go and tarnish the reps of these squeaky clean kids?

SOURCE: HuffPost Live | PHOTO CREDIT: Wenn

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