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But…why? Just in time for the holiday season, St. Louis publisher Really Big Coloring Books Inc. has released an activity and coloring book featuring who else, but Texas Tea Party darling Ted Cruz. And surprisingly, it’s selling like hot cakes. Company founder Wayne Bell said Thursday the book is already in its third printing after just six days. The first run of around 10,000 sold out in barely 24 hours, and the second went nearly as fast. Read about it here…[HuffPost]

The newlywed who was accused of pushing her husband of a week off a cliff finally admitted to the crime in a dramatic court room show on Thursday. Jordan Linn Graham, 22, called the act “reckless,” admitting to the judge that she two-hand shoved him face-first over a cliff at Glacier National Park and to his death. Read about it here…[Gawker]

Here’s some not so great news. The trial on North Carolina’s new voting restrictions won’t take place until after the 2014 elections, according to a federal judge. Read about it here…[HuffPost]

Is blood really thicker than water? Turns out North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un doesn’t think so. The leader reportedly dragged his own uncle from a military court and executed him by firing squad for being a “traitor.” Jang Song Thaek, 67, who had been considered the second most powerful official in the country and a mentor to his nephew, was killed immediately after the trial. [DailyMail]