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It’s funny that something like Black Twitter exists, because, and many studies have shown this, most of the users on Twitter are young black women.

Meaning Twitter is black.

But, it does exists and, man, Black Twitter is brilliant. And the folks who are involved — you know who they are — will strike whenever there is a slight or if there is some fuck shit that happens.

It seems like every time we signed on to Twitter, Black Twitter was leading the conversation. They had a great year, so we rounded up Black Twitter’s most memorable moments.

Check it out below.

Black Buzzfeed

Black Twitter had lots of fun with popular news site Buzzfeed. They made up the hashtag #BlackBuzzfeed and mocked some of the posts the site is known for.

Don Lemon…public enemy number one 

Man, Black Twitter haaaaaates CNN anchor Don Lemon, probably because Black Twitter thinks he hates black people. (Important thing to remember: majority of Black Twitter is black). Don Lemon got slandered many times this year, about everything from his views on stop-and-frisk to his shitty haircut.


In June, Draya appeared on BET’s 106 & Park and, for some reason, the producers decided it would be a good idea to get a #AskDraya hashtag going. Big mistake. Black Twitter went in, dissing Draya’s parenting skills. (Years ago, Draya made news when she was arrested for child endangerment).

R. Kelly hasn’t been paying attention to Twitter, because recently he made the same mistake when he started a #AskRkelly hashtag. Uhhh, big mistake, for obvious reasons.

Jay Z jumping into the pool

Jay Z took many vacations this year. Jay Z probably jumped into many pools. Luckily, a photographer caught a perfect picture of Jay jumping into a pool of water during one of his vacations. Moments after the pic hit, Black Twitter did what they do best. (There’s now even a shirt that you can cop).


During the summer, news came out that Paula Deen might be a racist. (Or, she just likes to use the N-word every once in a while). Black Twitter ain’t like that shit.

So they went in.

Juror B37

The best thing Black Twitter did this year? Stop Juror B37 from publishing a trashy book about the Trayvon Martin case.

The Idris gaffe

Remember that time when actor Idris Elba wore a “gorgeous Giorgio Armani dress” to an awards show? Yeah, we don’t either. After some intern (we hope!) made the mistake, Black Twitter had their own fun with the concept.

Race-themed headlines

Black Twitter had lotsa fun when USA Today made the unfortunate mistake of calling Best Man Holiday a race-themed film.

The TLC movie 

One of the best things about Black Twitter is that they watch things together, whether it’s movies or sporting events. The Black Twitter moment that stands out the most was the community viewing of the made-for-TV TLC movie.


One of the more disturbing Twitter moments came last month, when video of a young girl named Sharkeisha punching a girl in the face hit the Internet. Amazingly, Sharkeisha started TRENDING WORLDWIDE when Black Twitter caught the footage and sent out tweets like this:

Mondays and Thursdays belong to Black Twitter 

Monday nights are reserved for Love & Hop-Hop followers, of course.

While Thursday nights is strictly for Scandal talk; don’t even bring another topic to Twitter. (Did y’all see Pope vs. Fitz? Sheeeeit).


The hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen was started by Twitter user Mikki Kendall. The hashtag was fighting back at the idea that feminism is exclusive to white women only.

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