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In a new documentary produced by Katherine Jackson that’s available for purchase online, Michael Jackson‘s kids open up about the time spent with their famous dad.

Prince Michael reveals he and his siblings didn’t even know their father’s name until they were six years old – because to them, he was just “dad.”

“It took me till I was like six years old to learn that his name was Michael Jackson, because he was always daddy to me,” Prince tells the camera. “He wanted us to always be, like, what we wanted to be, just be greater at it than anybody else has ever been.”

The documentary also explains that Michael didn’t get to fulfill some promises to his children before his death. Paris explains:

“He promised me he would teach me how to moonwalk. Never got around to it,” Paris says in snippets of her interview. “I will definitely never forget him, ever. He was amazing.”

The children all speak very highly of their father, and then there is the youngest Blanket, who wants to help save the world like his daddy.

Blanket even revealed that the kids had a zoo at their house and a special friend you might know:

“We had kind of like a zoo basically. Giraffes, lions. You probably heard of it, but yeah, a chimp named Bubbles,” recalls Blanket.

You can see the documentary video at The goal is to raise $3.2 million – click over to the site for more details.

SOURCE: NY Daily News