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It’s Hump Day, which means it’s not yet the weekend.

But to help you get over the bump in the middle of the week, just watch disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dancing to Bob Marley’s “One Love,” and try not to laugh too loud in your cubicle (or wherever you may be).

And yes, this really happened.

Ford, who admitted to smoking crack (among other things) and was stripped of most of his power last month, took the dance break during a council meeting on Tuesday, just moments after he had an angry exchange with a councilor.

But of course.

A few minutes before, Councilor Pam McConnell — the council who was knocked over by Ford at a meeting last month — was disagreeing with Ford after she tried to speak with one of his staff members.

“[Ford] said to me, ‘Back off,’ and I said, ‘You back off’ and he said to me, ‘And I won’t have you bullying my staff,’” she told the Toronto Sun.

Moments later, Ford is seen in a video throwing his hands up in the air and swaying to a reggae song in the middle of the council chamber.

Classic Ford behavior.

On Sunday, the Chris Farley doppelgänger was spotted at a church, dancing and apparently smelling like ganja.

And yes, that really happened too.

SOURCE: News, Inc., Toronto Sun 

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