Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has died at age 46.

Can we just go ahead and name Drizzy Drake the most stylish emcee the game has ever seen? The Nothing Was The Same rapper was spotted on Instagram rocking a poncho. A PONCHO, my G! The “6 God” uploaded an Instagram picture, which may or may not be a posed candid, with the caption: “Chanel poncho […]

Rob Ford, the crack-smoking mayor whose crazy antics caused a stir in Toronto earlier this year, has a lot to celebrate this week. For one, his behavior — including the drugs, alcohol, and bizarre rants about oral sex — hasn’t ruined his career in politics. In fact, Ford won a city council race Monday, picking […]

As Toronto Mayor Rob Ford undergoes chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer, the normally upbeat politician urged voters to support his brother Doug Ford in the upcoming election. According to Gawker, the now raspy-sounding Ford released an audio recording just hours before his chemotherapy to treat the malignant liposarcoma tumors in his abdomen and […]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will undergo chemotherapy after it was discovered he had two malignant tumors – one in his abdomen and one near his buttocks. Ford, who admitted to smoking crack and drinking alcohol, pulled out of his re-election campaign following the diagnosis. His brother, Doug Ford, has since replaced him on the ballot. From […]


Mike Tyson is no stranger to giving people a piece of his mind, even if it’s on live TV. Tyson appeared on CP24 — an all-news network in Toronto — to do an interview supporting his new friend Mayor Rob Ford. With cameras rolling, the anchor asked Tyson if his recent endorsement of Rob Ford could […]


Missouri lawmakers passed one of the nation’s most stringent abortion waiting periods Wednesday, overriding a veto of legislation that will require women to wait 72 hours after consulting with a doctor before ending a pregnancy. Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon denounced the measure as “extreme and disrespectful” toward women, because it contains no exception for cases of rape or […]

Rob Ford is finally headed to rehab. According to the Toronto Sun, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is “ready to take a break” from politics following recent audio leaked of him speaking erratically about fellow constituents, and a video that shows him allegedly smoking crack. “The decision to immediately step away from the campaign — while staying on […]

Four men have been convicted of gang-raping a 22-year-old photographer in Mumbai last August in an abandoned mill compound. A fifth is being tried in juvenile court. Mohammed Salim Ansari, Siraj Rehmat Khan, Vijay Mohan Jadhav and Mohammed Kasim Hafeez Shaikh, also known as Kasim Bangali, who were aged between 18 and 27 at the time […]

A South Dakota Republican lawmaker has an interesting theory on the free market in America — make government get out of the way and let businesses exhibit discriminatory practices. Phil Jensen, described as the state’s most conservative senator, had this to say about businesses that deny services to African-Americans, gay people or customers who offend […]

In a weird and unprecedented American television moment that we’re still not sure is appropriate, disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to explain all those dancing gifs, Patois-speaking videos, and his…ahem…substance abuse issues. Needless to say, it was interesting. Ford, face red with embarrassment and sweating profusely, fumbled answers to the […]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is all about letting the beat build. As we know, where there is music, there is Ford. The polarizing mayor had tons of fun Saturday at a fundraising event for The Beat Academy in Toronto, deciding to get it in on a drum machine and make some pretty head scratching sounds. […]