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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is all about letting the beat build.

As we know, where there is music, there is Ford. The polarizing mayor had tons of fun Saturday at a fundraising event for The Beat Academy in Toronto, deciding to get it in on a drum machine and make some pretty head scratching sounds.

We’re sure that Pharrell or Hit Boy shouldn’t be worried. Believe us, it isn’t Grammy worthy. But Ford walking out to Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Boards,” a song about cocaine, should definitely win the award for Best Irony.

The fun (and drug) loving mayor’s weekend wasn’t over yet. Later, he joined fellow Canadians on the streets to celebrate the country’s gold Olympic medal for hockey in Sochi.

Sadly, however, cameras didn’t catch Ford speaking Jamaican Patois in his inebriated state or bumping into a sign a la Chris Farley for our viewing pleasure.

Next time, my friends, next time.

VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube, Instagram