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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will undergo chemotherapy after it was discovered he had two malignant tumors – one in his abdomen and one near his buttocks.

Ford, who admitted to smoking crack and drinking alcohol, pulled out of his re-election campaign following the diagnosis. His brother, Doug Ford, has since replaced him on the ballot.

From The Globe and Mail:

Dr. Zane Cohen of Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, where Mr. Ford is a patient, said he is “optimistic” about a treatment plan, which will start this week with the first of two rounds of aggressive chemotherapy.

Dr. Cohen said the cancer, which originates in fatty tissue, has not spread to other organs. But in addition to a 12-centimetre-by-12-centimetre tumour, doctors have found a two-centimetre-wide nodule in the mayor’s buttock, behind his left hip.

All soft-tissue sarcomas comprise about 1 per cent of cancers, and liposarcoma represents about 20 per cent of that 1 per cent.

Dr. Cohen characterized it as a “very difficult” form. How it responds to the chemotherapy will determine whether radiation or surgery is needed, he said

Despite the diagnosis, Ford has not asked for a leave — he holds office until December. We’re wishing him a speedy recovery.

SOURCE: Globe and Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash