Those that fall under this sign are ambitious, emotionally intelligent, and creative. Check out our list of cancer celebrities inside.

Cardi B and Offset celebrated their eldest child, Kulture, together. Check out a gallery of our favorite Kulture photos inside. 

Saweetie celebrated her birthday in Hollywood last night (July 2) with her day one's, celebrity friends and fans. The party was decked out with 90's fits, classic cars and chicken and waffles fitting for the Freaknik theme. Saweetie stopped by the "blue carpet" to chat with us before the festivities really began.

During a chat about his partnership with the International WELL Building Institute, Jordan said he'd love to be a part of the 'Black Panther' sequel.

Beloved MasterChef Junior contestant Ben Watkins died at 14 years old. According to reports from Chicago Tribune, Ben died on Monday, Nov. 16 after suffering from a rare cancer. The teen suffered immense tragedy losing both of his parents to a domestic violence incident just three years before his battle with cancer.

Every few months, there’s a new superfood that’s praised for preventing huge illnesses, like the big C. Now, scientists are saying that good ol’ Salmon s more effective at preventing breast cancer than flaxseeds. According to their research, Omega-3 fatty acids reduce tumor size by 60-70% and number by 30%. Plant-based sources can also inhibit […]

A California judge just made us think twice about going to get our daily cup of Starbucks. According to new reports, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle ruled that the chain and other coffee retailers must carry a cancer warning label because of a chemical produced in the roasting process. In a decision made this past […]

It’s no secret that Black Panther is becoming the most influential movie of the year, even two days before its February 16 release date. The cast definitely isn’t taking the movie’s impact lightly. In a sit down with SiriusXM, the Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, described how the movie affected two cancer patients. Though they never […]

  Congrats are in order to actress Julia Louis- Dreyfus for getting to and through her final day of Chemotherapy. We’re so happy that the Veep star is making her way back to health and vitality, but not as happy as her sons are. Julia’s boys created a video for her, celebrating her last day […]

The love of family is different from the love of your friends, because your relatives feel a sense of obligation to support you, while friends do things only if they want to. 20-year-old Chris Betancourt found out that he had a loyal friend on his hands after he received a devastating cancer diagnosis, and his […]

Cell Phones are totally a gift and a curse to today’s society — the convenience of it makes life a little easier, but the health warning signs are pretty dangerous. According to The New York Daily News: “Health officials at the California Department of Public Health released guidelines for safe cell phone practices for the […]

Love is in the air for this California couple. Freddy Lopez and his girlfriend have gone viral after a video of their proposal surfaced online. Lopez surprised his wife by asking her to marry him on her last day of chemotherapy. Grab your tissues.