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Rob Ford is finally headed to rehab.

According to the Toronto Sun, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is “ready to take a break” from politics following recent audio leaked of him speaking erratically about fellow constituents, and a video that shows him allegedly smoking crack.

“The decision to immediately step away from the campaign — while staying on the ballot — came after the Toronto Sun exclusively obtained a new raunchy audio recording of Ford ranting and swearing in an Etobicoke bar.

The Globe and Mail also published a report that a new video surfaced of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking what has been described as crack-cocaine early Saturday morning.”

In the audio, Ford is heard speaking explicitly about mayoral competitor Karen Stintz, complaining about his wife, and bemoaning his overall disgust with politics.

“I’d like to f—–g jam her (Stintz), but she doesn’t want … I can’t talk like this…I’m so sorry,” Ford is heard saying on the recording. “I forgot there’s a woman in the house.”

“They put this f—–g flag up ahead of our Canadian flag, I said, ‘No, I’m sorry. Bulls—,” he said.

Ford is heard using threatening language: “Give me a shot right now or I’ll f—–g break your legs. I want another one.” A few moments later, he says, “If you don’t give me a shot I’m going to knock your f—–g teeth out.”

He also uttered: “I’m so f—–g sick of politics, dude. Look at my record” and “I wish that f—–g conversation had never been taped”

The tape Ford is referring to is the video released from November of him allegedly planning out a murder. As for the audio released this week, the Mayor says he doesn’t remember much from that night but is embarrassed about his actions.

“I wouldn’t say that — I wouldn’t say the word, ‘jam,’ — that’s not my terminology,” he said in a phone interview with Warmington Wednesday afternoon. “I am appalled (at what I said). I’d like to verify this (audio) first. Of course, I’m just joking around. Clearly, that’s what I mean.”

Footage of the Toronto mayor smoking crack hasn’t been seen by the public. However, it was sent to The Globe and Mail by a self-proclaimed drug dealer. He claims that he frequently supplies Ford with drugs. Ford can be seen holding a metal pipe, but it is unknown if the pipe contained marijuana or cocaine. Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti told reporters that Ford will most likely head to a 28-day rehab program to get him back on the right track.

“When you’re addict, you’re always an addict until you realize it,” he said. “It’s taken him quite a while to recognize it and he finally has and that’s good for him. It’s 28 days and he’ll be back in the race, I imagine. If he isn’t, there may be others that choose to enter the race, including myself.”

To see photo stills of the video that shows Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine, click here. 

SOURCE: Toronto Sun | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash News