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In a weird and unprecedented American television moment that we’re still not sure is appropriate, disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to explain all those dancing gifs, Patois-speaking videos, and his…ahem…substance abuse issues.

Needless to say, it was interesting. Ford, face red with embarrassment and sweating profusely, fumbled answers to the burning questions we always wanted to ask, but in a strange twist, the three segments reeked of awkwardness instead of hilarity.

Well, almost. There is that clip that Kimmel showed Ford of the Mayor making it rain candy canes on kids during Christmas, which is both rude as hell and the stuff made of comedy gold.

But then there were the times Ford had to explain his actions — like the time he went on a vicious, racist rant about some unnamed person. His reply? He didn’t know who he was taking about.

“You have no idea? You have that many enemies that you don’t know which one?” Kimmel asked Ford.

A beet-red Ford shrugs and in a moment where laughter was supposed to erupt, the crowd is eerily quiet.

Later, Kimmel asks Ford about the crack-smoking video that caused so much trouble last year.

“I want the world to see this video. I’d love to see it. I keep saying show the video,” Ford said.

And when encouraged by Kimmel to get help for his substance abuse issues, Ford shot back his head and laughed before saying he “wasn’t elected to be perfect.”


Watch the awkward clip above. You can also watch Kimmel and Ford’s first segment below.