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How many times have you already seen the caption “I woke up like this” attached to some ridiculous picture on your Instagram timeline?

If a few of your friends are Beyonce stans, then you’ve seen that caption one too many times this week. A wise man once said, “always be yourself, unless you can be Beyonce,” and Beyonce’s never going to be replaced, so unfortunately we have to continue to live our mediocre lives.

While everyone is still high off Beyonce’s aroma, we decided to deliver a dose of reality – YOU ARE NOT BEYONCE (sorry for the harshness).

So in honor of everyone who mistook themselves for Beyonce over the past week, here’s the reality:

Beyonce’s Drunk In Love

Reality Of Drunk In Love

Beyonce Riding A Surfboard

Reality Of Riding A Surfboard

Breastesses For Breakfast

Chicken Breasts For Breakfast

Beyonce’s Filthy

Reality Of Filthy

Beyonce’s No Angel

Reality Of No Angel

Beyonce’s “I Woke Up Like This”

The Reality Of Waking Up

Beyonce’s Flawless

The Reality…We’re Flawed

Beyonce’s Goddamn Goddamn

Reality Of When You Actually Say Goddamn

Beyonce Talking To The Driver

Reality Of Talking To A Cab Driver

Beyonce’s Cake

Reality Of Eating Cake

Beyonce Jealous

Reality Of Being Jealous

Beyonce’s Rocket Lifting Off

Reality Of Your Rocket Lifting Off

Beyonce Falling On A Bed

Reality Of Falling On A Bed

Beyonce Crying

Reality Of Crying

Beyonce’s “We Be All Night”

Reality Of “We Be All Night”

Beyonce’s XO

Reality of XO

Beyonce’s Child

Your Child

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