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In case she hadn’t already proved it, Beyonce is flawless.

After dropping her visual album, Beyonce, last week and going platinum in 72 hours with no promo whatsoever, then pulling off a surprise listening party at Dave & Buster’s in Times Square, and also being dubbed a “queen” by Madonna, Beyonce has proven without a doubt that no one is on her level.

But just because she is the queen, doesn’t mean she’s not in touch with us regular people. Yesterday, Beyonce hit up a Walmart in  Tewksbury, New Jersey to buy a physical copy of her new album as they just became available.

Walmart will be winning with Beyonce for the last few days leading up to Christmas as Target announced earlier this week they would not be selling the album. But, surprise! Starbucks revealed they would. What better combo than Beyonce and a latte?

Anyway, while at Walmart, Beyonce was all smiles while purchasing her album, and addressed fans and customers, giving them all $50 gift cards to the retail giant. A total of 750 cards ($37,500 worth of gift cards) were enclosed within envelopes that read, ‘Happy Holidays from Beyonce.’

How could you not love this woman?

She’s currently in the tri-state for the Brooklyn tour dates of her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Check the pics of B at Walmart below…


Beyonce Goes Shopping For Her New Album At Walmart (PHOTOS)
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