The company is catching some heat — and rightfully so; head inside to see their statement.

Is it just us, or does this sound like a 'Black Mirror' episode waiting to happen...

Some of yall are acting like you’ve never heard New Orleans bounce music until Drake made it poppin’ with “Nice For What.” Let’s not forget that Beyoncé gave us Louisiana realness with Big Freedia and Messy Mya on Formation.   Even before that, the Southern Hip Hop sound started gaining momentum in the early 90’s […]

“She took my timbs, my silky and my chopped cheese!”

If you haven’t heard the yodeling pipes of Mason Ramsey (a.k.a. yodeling Walmart boy, a.k.a. Lil Hank), then you’ve been missing out on a kid that’s already reached icon status.   Mason has become so popular, remix god DJ Suede got a hold of his vocals for a trapped-out remix. Now it’s taken to the Internet […]

10-Year old Mason Ramsey is officially a star, now that the viral video of him Yodeling for likes in Walmart has been remixed. You’re not a viral superstar until either one of your sound bites becomes extremely popular, or one of your videos gets an epic EDM remix: Folks on the Internet have already started […]

Walmart is being called out after a customer accused the company of locking up African American beauty products, while leaving wypipo to freely grab their respective beauty goods. Essie Grundy claims she was shopping for a comb in Perry, CA when she discovered it was locked in a cabinet. “That’s when I noticed that all of […]

Walmart came under heat recently due to a third party’s racist choice of words used on their website. A cap was listed for sell and instead of using words like dark brown or tan to describe the color, the vendor used “n*gger brown.” Yup, that’s right. Someone got really brave that upload day. One Full […]