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Source: Naheem Houston / Radio One, Inc

Some of yall are acting like you’ve never heard New Orleans bounce music until Drake made it poppin’ with “Nice For What.” Let’s not forget that Beyoncé gave us Louisiana realness with Big Freedia and Messy Mya on Formation.


Even before that, the Southern Hip Hop sound started gaining momentum in the early 90’s thanks to folks like Freedia and Magnolia Shorty. But a rapper name Mr. Ghetto took it as far as to make a bounce about Walmart — and if you didn’t sing this on your way to Walmart as a child, you’re too young.

If Wally World was really about that life, they’d make this one of their commercials.

Oh, but Mr. Ghetto’s basic bounce songs didn’t stop there. He even dedicated one to McDonalds:


Ba Da Ba Ba Baaaa, yall lovin’ it?