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Subway sign; New York City, New York, United States of America

Source: Keith Levit / Getty

Grant it, sometimes we just want to get on the Subway and head to our destinations without even making eye contact with the people on the train car with us.


But NYC train performers don’t care if you’re annoyed, on your way to work, or tired, on your way from work — they’re gonna give you a show by any means necessary.


Don’t sleep on the underground transportation talent though! Most of them of just undiscovered superstars with more talent in their Timbs than some of these famous performers.


If we can support a White kid yodeling in Walmart, we can make some hardworking, gifted folks go viral and eventually earn a record deal.


Showing off your talent on the train platform has been a thing since the New York Metro system was a thing. We should have known about the unexpected musical gifts the subway can give us after Taral Hicks’ performance in Subway Stories: Tales from the Underground?


Just in case you ignore all the talent in front of your train commute today, check out some amazing NYC Subway performances that’ll change the way you view your favorite “talented” stars.

You’re welcome.

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