School brings out the killa in two birds and with one rat, everybody eats!

“She took my timbs, my silky and my chopped cheese!”

Only in New York can you do wild things like smoke weed on the train and folks don’t automatically call the police. One commuter got extremely lucky after sparking a huge blunt on the Subway and blowing it down like it was 420. You can tell some folks felt uncomfortable, until the culprit passed the […]

We all need to be more like Ciro Ortiz and make the world a better place using the resources that we have. The 11-year old has turned the Subway platform into his therapy office where he gives stressed out New Yorkers some emotional advice. Adorable.   If you’re in New York and ever need a […]

Another day, another Subway creep exposed. On Friday, a 42-year old woman wrestled a switchblade away from a creep on the Brooklyn bound R train who masturbated in front of her. The assailant, Reggie Frank, proceeded to drench the woman with pepper spray, but what he didn’t know is that her self-defense game was on […]

If you’ve ever needed proof that the subways in New York are a complete disaster, here are a few videos that will blow your mind. These videos were taken of the 4 train at 149 Street in Bronx, NY. Even more shocking is that the videos are from the same day.   Hit the flip […]

  The New York City transit has a reputation for being unpredictable and outrageous. But no one could have predicted a whole man jumping out of someone’s suitcase.     Only in New York.

Only in New York City would two street performers battle it out see who wins the crown of the main entertainer on the train that day. It’s almost uncomfortable to watch the clip until you realize the reason behind the foot fight.   This isn’t the first battle on an NYC train car that […]