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Walmart is all the way buggin’.

While People reports the multinational retail corporation has “stepped up their grocery game” with the announcement that their InHome delivery service will be available this fall, we say: no, thank you. If you have no clue what we’re talking about, Walmart will not only deliver to your home, with its forthcoming launch the company will now deliver INSIDE your home — with a “wearable camera.”

From USA Today:

Starting this fall, Walmart customers can not only buy groceries online, they can then have them dropped off right in their kitchen.

More than 1 million shoppers in Kansas City, Mo., Vero Beach, Fl, and Pittsburgh, Pa. will be able to use Walmart’s new “InHome” service, the latest volley in the delivery wars being waged by retailers racing to woo customers with convenience and speed.

Walmart employees will first pick the produce or other household items, ordered by a shopper online. They will then deliver food items into the customer’s refrigerator, using smart technology that enables the homeowner to let them in and watch what they do while they’re there.

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Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillion reportedly said in a statement… 

“Once we learned how to do pickup well, we knew it would unlock the ability to deliver…But what if we not only cover the last mile to customers’ homes but even the last few steps? What if we put their groceries away inside their kitchens or garages?”

If you ask us, they might as well be offering to rob us blind. Again… we respond with a FIRM “thanks, but no thanks.”

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