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This past Saturday, Dec 21, on ebay, George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s murderer, sold one of his paintings for $100,000. On the very same day, ebay removed artist Michael D’Antuono’s anti-racism painting inspired by the Zimmerman case and benefiting the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Meant to symbolize the travesty of racially profiling innocent children and the affect prejudice has on policy, D’Antuono’s provocative painting depicts a KKK hooded policeman pointing a gun at a little black boy in a white hoodie, as he offers the officer some of his candy.

In shutting down D’Antuono’s auction, ebay cited their policy of not allowing “relics from the Ku Klux Klan or anything that bears the KKK symbol.” The hypocrisy is that currently there are 1,569 other items for sale on ebay related to the KKK and bearing their symbol. The policy violation alert ebay sent D’Antuono read, “Hateful or Discriminatory” yet they have more than a dozen auctions for the Ice-T CD.

The only discrimination is on ebay’s part. They are discriminating against an artist speaking out against racism who is willing to donate half of the proceeds to a charity dedicated to advocating for crime victims, and educating youth on conflict resolution techniques to reduce the incidences where confrontations between strangers turn deadly.

If you are offended by ebay’s double standard, you have the power to make a difference. Share some of D’Antuono’s facebook postings. You can also contact and let them know that you are outraged.

~Michael D’Antuono  | Artist