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Long gone are the days of bell bottom jeans (that comeback flamed out quickly) and fashion consumption that can only take place in-store or glued to your computer screen. Now, fashion is just as attainable as the trends that are knocked off from high-end brands: fast and easy.

While iPhones are hardly a new integration to our lives, this year it has proved to be one of the most necessary evils when it came to not only plotting what to buy and serving as fashion inspiration, but also in coveting, buying, and now more than ever selling all that shit we didn’t really mean to buy.

While you may not have noticed it straightaway, our iPhones are doing more than just being a selfie snapping machine, it’s reconditioning the way we consume fashion. Here are 4 ways your iPhone changed the way you consume fashion in 2013.

Tech got cuter:

OK, so maybe this isn’t directly correlated to shopping, but being able to put a personal stylish touch on your phone was some incentive to whip it out more frequently. Gone are the days of all black otter boxes or mass-produced iPhone cases. It’s easy to get cases that are both practical and personal, without much fuss.

Second Hand Clothes Dominate The App Realm: 

Arguably one of the biggest standouts of the Apple App store in the last year has been the onset of apps in which fashion connoisseur can both buy and sell second-hand fashion. Knocking eBay out of the water are apps like Bib + Tuck, Copius and Klury that allow users to sell their items by uploading photos right from their iPhone. Yes, it’s that easy.

Instagram Drove sales:

Instagram isn’t just a haven for selfies and puppy pics, it also has a great effect on the consumer without brands even trying. While making sales through Instagram is more likely for small brands and boutiques, influencers and fashion bloggers alike have enlisted the help of the tagging feature to identify the articles they are wearing in their snaps.

Deals Made it to the Palm of your hand:

Once upon a sad time, shopping with coupons meant planning, snipping and searching, but now thanks to apps like Retail Me Not, The Coupons App and more, you’re able to pull up all coupons in store with just a title in the search bar. We’re here for all of that.

Have we missed any? What are some unconventional ways you have used your iPhone in 2013? (Keep it clean!)

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images