A 22 year old woman was caught on camera allegedly physically assaulting a 14 year old Black teenager and falsely accusing him of stealing her phone. Miya Ponsetto has since been arrested in California. Ponsetto and her attorney spoke with CBS's Gayle King in an exclusive interview that is now trending on Twitter. 

With great success comes great lawsuits.

We may be laughing about the FaceTime bug on social media, but it’s no joke as Apple is reportedly being investigated by the New York Attorney General due to the glitch—not to mention an earlier report about a lawyer suing Apple after a deposition was allegedly compromised. New York Attorney General Letitia James and Governor Andrew […]

See how his genius invention could save your phone’s life.

With all the money we spend on Apple products, it’s probably wise to take advantage of anything they give away for free. Check out these paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free — today only. Pic Navi (Usual Price $2.99) – Easy-to-use photo location viewer and editor – Can edit date and […]

Some iPhone batteries seem to be having a bad start to the year, considering some recent disasters. According to 9to5Mac, two iPhone batteries exploded back in January over the course of one week — one in Spain and another in Switzerland. Now it seems like Vietnam has similar incidents with one iPhone causing a massive explosion […]

It turns out we've had a lot of the symbols wrong all along.

iPhone users, have you ever wondered if Apple deliberately slowed your old phone down to force you to buy the newer product?

Will you take advantage of the new App Store feature?