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iPhone 4 Exploded In Chongqing

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Apple products may be the coolest gadgets of our time, but with great power comes great responsibility. The fact that the tech corporation plays such a major part in most people’s lives (via Apple calendars, Icloud, etc) means eventually, there will be a case when their over personalized system becomes an issue. That was the case for New York teen Ousmane Bah who is suing Apple for 1 Billion dollars claiming that a facial recognition system falsely connected him to a series of thefts, which caused him great humiliation, a missed midterm exam and hours traveling to different states to prove he was innocent.

Bah named the Apple store in Cupertino and Security Industry Specialists in Culver City as the defendants in his federal lawsuit. The 18-year old has been charged in multiple jurisdictions, including Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Although three of the cases have been dropped, the one in New Jersey is still pending.

FOX 5 News reports:

The suit points out that since 2017, Apple did away with its “home” button on the iPhone X, and has promoted that is facial recognition software is much more secure and has since replaced the fingerprint touch ID. But errors do occur, and once Bah was tied to the wrong face, his lawyer wrote that he had “no recourse to correct the error.”

Hopefully, Bah is awarded the reparations he deserves. But he’s not the only one with the gull to file a suit against a corporate giant like Apple. Hit the flip to check out some of the biggest lawsuits Apple has ever faced.

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