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There is something so thrilling about having an occassion to shop for. The change of season inspires us to be better dressed versions of our former selves. The onset of Fall makes us want to be better at working layers effectively and the onset of a New Year will always, without fail, leave us with the craving to be a better version of ourselves after indulging in gluttonous sin all Holiday season long. Sorry we’re not sorry.

Armed with a new gym membership, (or an old one you’re vowing to pay more attention to, like myself) and a new hunger for change, why not suit yourself up with some new gym swag for a little boost in motivation? While shoving your sneakers in a tote bag you got free at Whole Foods may seem tempting, think about investing in a gym bag as a multifaceted investment. You now have a cute bag that can double as an airline carry-on bag, overnight bag, etcetera, and you won’t look ridiculous carrying it on the train.

And whats a good gym bag without a nifty spill-proof water bottles? Check out some of our favorite picks by shopping with one click below, and then log offline and bring that ass to the gym, stat!