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Happy birthday Blue!

It seems like it was just yesterday when you were born, but thankfully we’ve gotten 730 days to be in your good graces. For the past two years, you’ve been making the world a better and brighter place, and today’s frigid temperatures serve as a reminder of how cold the world was before your existence.

We can’t get over how adorable Blue Ivy is, so in honor of her 2nd birthday we rounded up 17 reasons why she’s the most flawless 2-year-old on the planet.

For Beyonce and Jay’s sake, we’re hoping Blue’s not on her worst behavior like Uncle Drake this year. We heard the “terrible twos” are pretty brutal.

Here are the reasons why Blue is so flawless…

1. Blue performed with her mom on the MTV VMA’s before she was even born.

2. And her biggest fans were Daddy Hov and Uncle Ye.

3. And then she was born.

4. But before she could even talk Blue was featured on her daddy’s song “Glory.”

5. Then she appeared on her mommy’s HBO special.

6. And stole the show.

7. Seriously? Why is she so adorbs?

8. Blue even makes drinking milk look glorious.

9. And she receives daily kisses from the most fabulous woman on the planet.

Lots of kisses.

10. Did we mention how cute she is?

11. And she’s really good with her hands (super advanced).

12. Blue’s so good with her extremities that she can tell you to “talk to the hand.”

13. To top it off, she can also play the piano (so artsy).


14. Rides her daddy’s shoulders like the champion she is.

15. She also gives her mother a hard time, but Beyonce doesn’t mind.

16. And she’s probably the only human being on earth that would actually run away from Beyonce (the kid has balls).

17. Like her mother, Blue also has night vision (very rare).

Happy Birthday Princess Blue! And…


Good job Jay and Bey.

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