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Ever wonder what a $84,000 belt would look like? Good, neither have we, but Bugatti went ahead and did what they did best and made the luxury item you never asked for. The brand unveiled the R22 Mark I Mechanically Performing Belt Buckle – Bugatti Edition on Roland Iten’s website, and it’s clearly something that is for the big spenders.

Only 44 of the belts will be made, and with reason as they are functioning with hand-made parts. The website describes the watch:

Developed in association with the legendary Bugatti Automobile Company, Roland Iten has designed a unique mechanically performing  belt mechanism to rival even the finest watch movements.  Hand- crafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs and pinions all interconnect to create a mechanism that allows the wearer to obtain the absolute precise fit.

And why the hefty price tag? Well, aside from the name, the $84,000 belt has all the bells and whistles. It includes:

  • Lightweight titanium and stainless steel architecture for tension and impact control
  • 62 grams of 18-carat white and 5N rose gold
  • Smoked sapphire crystals on the hood
  • Côtes de Genève motif
  • 2 TW VVS+ diamond for the pin
  • Limited Series: 22 pieces in 18-carat white and rose gold

If you’re fit to drop that type of cash, learn more about the belt here. Just know you can’t wear these with any ol’ Zara pants.

SOURCE: Auto Week