Hit maker, Rick James lived a rockstar lifestyle, and he seemingly left this Earth with absolutely no regrets. Though there are probably many wild Rick James stories left untold, which is probably best anyway, we have a few stories worth sharing of the funky rockstar's life and times. Happy Birthday, Rick James!

Happy Birthday, Kris Jenner! The mom of six is turning 66 years old this year and she is still as fabulous as ever. See her most lavish photos inside.

Celebrity Black jeweler Gina White is taking the jewelry industry by storm. We spoke with her about her challenges and journey breaking into the business, exploring the African Diaspora as a Black American and her upcoming projects. Check out this exclusive Q&A with jeweler and entrepreneur Gina White below.

We curated a list of Instagram's richest dogs that are living their most luxurious lives. The numbers reflected in this post are from the study conducted by ProDog Raw. Be sure to follow these cute dogs and see for yourselves just how fabulous the life of a doggy Instagram influencer truly is. 

Kim Kardashian West is making headlines again. This time the celebrity is trending, because she officially became a billionaire yesterday (April 6). The real question is what could Kim Kardashian purchase with a billion dollars? 

The owner of a luxury shoe company in the UK has a lot to celebrate this morning. House of Borgezie is claiming to have sold a pair of heels worth $200,000 and, as if that’s not enough reason to be overjoyed, owner Chris Shellis is claiming they were bought by Beyonce. Talk about a win, […]

Kourtney Kardashian is ready to pop, but that’s not stopping her from hitting the town with her man for a little alone time. The 35-year-old was spotted cruising around Calabasas in her long-time boyfriend Scott Disick’s new Bugatti Veyron. The nearly $2 million car isn’t exactly the most family friendly thing we’ve ever seen, but […]

So far, 2014 hasn’t been the best year for Justin Bieber. After his recent arrest for allegedly driving while under the influence, resisting arrest, and drag racing in Miami, reports about Justin facing assault accusations also surfaced this week. Now, according to TMZ, the “Bad Day” singer has been slapped with a $5,000 fee for […]

Ever wonder what a $84,000 belt would look like? Good, neither have we, but Bugatti went ahead and did what they did best and made the luxury item you never asked for. The brand unveiled the R22 Mark I Mechanically Performing Belt Buckle – Bugatti Edition on Roland Iten’s website, and it’s clearly something that is […]