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Two fluffy dogs together on a dog walk

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Calling all dog lovers! ProDog Raw, a raw dog food specialist company, recently shared its social media analytics publicly. The company’s discoveries indicate the highest-earning dogs on Instagram. There is Pomerian Jiff, who has a record breaking 10.2 million followers, and the little pup’s highest price per sponsored post is at a whopping $34,139. While Loki the husky is the most successful dog influencer within the last year, earning an estimated $373,029 through more than 50 sponsored posts.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a cute dog post? The average dog influencer earns $8,049 per post and partners on 15 sponsored posts a year. ProDog Raw started in 2015 in an effort to champion healthier lifestyles and diets for dogs with a range of premium, human-grade ingredients. The company’s goal is to raise awareness of the dangers that heavily-processed food presents to dogs, and how reverting to a natural diet can benefit a dog’s overall appearance and health. Naturally, ProDog Raw began analyzing various Instagram accounts of dogs that have shared a sponsored post within the last 12 months to help spread the company’s message about dog’s nutrition to support better health and wellness.

Heidi Maskelyne, founder of ProDog Raw, shared her thoughts on the dog influencer community, “It’s truly amazing to see just how much money dog influencers can make for their families and owners, you certainly can’t accuse them of not earning their keep! But with dog-related content proving popular among social media users, it’s hardly surprising that charismatic dogs can command such high prices when they partner with brands. Over the past year these accounts have provided much needed respite from the doom and gloom of the pandemic, and we’ll be sure to keep the Dog Instagram Rich List updated, because you never know, there might be some rising stars who take the Instagram crown!”

We curated a list of Instagram’s richest dogs that are living their most luxurious lives. The numbers reflected in this post are from the study conducted by ProDog Raw. Be sure to follow these cute dogs and see for yourselves just how fabulous the life of a doggy Instagram influencer truly is.

1. Loki the Wolfdog


Coming in at number one on our list is the coolest husky you’ll ever meet – Loki! Loki has 2 million followers and makes about $6,661 per post. 

2. Manny the Frenchie


Look how cute Manny is celebrating Cinco De Mayo with tacos and a small sombrero. He’s advertising the harness in this thoughtful holiday post, showing you why he’s making serious money on Instagram. Manny has 1 million followers and makes nearly $3,122 per post.

3. Harlow and Sage


This family of dogs is spreading joy and love across the timeline. There’s Harlow, Indiana, Reese, Ezra, Mae and Sage. This doggy crew has 1.7 million followers making $5,135 per post.

4. Jiff the Pomeranian


Can Jiff get any cuter? This cute Pomeranian has the most followers on our list with 10.2 million making about $34,139 per post.

5. Crusoe the Dachshund


How romantic is Crusoe the Dachshund? Crusoe has 824,000 followers and he makes $2,637 per post.

6. Tuna the Chiweenie


Tuna celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, with a cute wig and full fit. No games played. Tuna has 2.1 million followers making $6,939 per post.

7. Doug The Pug


Stawppp! Doug The Pug in a sunflower field is a mood. Doug has the most followers on our list with an astounding 3.9 million followers making  $12,629 per post.

8. Reagan the Doodle


Pose! These dogs are deserving of every check working overtime as influencer models on the gram. Reagan has 501k followers making $1,665 per post.

9. Maya the Samoyed


Maya is giving the other girl dogs content okay! This gorgeous dog has 2m followers making about $6,522 per post.

10. Two-Legged TurboRoo


This pup is an All-American, and nothing is going to stop him from moving and grooving. TurboRoo has 307k followers making about $1,068 per post.