We curated a list of Instagram's richest dogs that are living their most luxurious lives. The numbers reflected in this post are from the study conducted by ProDog Raw. Be sure to follow these cute dogs and see for yourselves just how fabulous the life of a doggy Instagram influencer truly is. 

One girl should've just posted a cute selfie like the rest of us.

You always hear stories about how folks in Florida do wild and crazy things, or how Georgians are bizarre — but you can always count on big cities like Detroit to have the most peculiar situations happen on a seemingly regular day. Just like when one man brought a goat with him along on the […]

One Brazilian dog was so ride-or-die for his owner that he couldn’t let him go, even in death. The story will give you all the Homeward Bound feels, so prep your tissue!   The unnamed dog was the pet of a 59-year-old homeless man. The man was stabbed in a street fight in October and was […]

There’s not many things that Barbra Streisand can’t do. She acts, she sings, she directs — and apparently she has the power to clone things. Earlier this week, the mega star revealed that she took cells from her dead Coton du Tulear Samantha’s mouth and stomach, and the genetic material was later used to create […]

Just when you thought that robots were all we had to worry about, now dogs are making a come up in the economic system. West Michigan native, Michael Haddock, was shocked when he went to his mailbox and saw an unemployment letter addressed to his dog, Ryder. According to reports, Ryder was approved for $360 […]

It’s always the small dogs with the loudest barks. But what can come off as annoying to some can be straight terror for other creatures in the animal kingdom. We just never thought a crocodile would be the one to break. Check out the video below to watch a dog’s bark turn into a full […]