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Choyce Brown is embodying BIG Leo energy with every photo and video uploaded, and we can't help but stan. Enjoy a gallery of stunning photos to celebrate another lap around the sun for the rising model and social media personality. Happy Birthday, Choyce! 

We curated a list of Instagram's richest dogs that are living their most luxurious lives. The numbers reflected in this post are from the study conducted by ProDog Raw. Be sure to follow these cute dogs and see for yourselves just how fabulous the life of a doggy Instagram influencer truly is. 

The #BussItChallenge is a new twist on a ‘makeover’ TikTok challenge which involves going from comfortable casual wear to full glam at the drop of a beat. The challenge features rapper and social media influencer Erica Banks' song "Buss It." There are so many entertaining videos, but we chose a few of our favorites.