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Another day, another TikTok challenge. The #BussItChallenge is a new twist on a ‘makeover’ challenge which involves going from comfortable casual wear to full glam at the drop of a beat. The challenge features rapper and social media influencer Erica Banks’ song “Buss It.” This challenge is slowly dominating Beyoncé’s Internet, and it’s giving people a reason to feel good and get dressed up. There are so many entertaining videos, but we chose a few of our favorites so you can skip sifting through the hashtag for yourself.

First off, this is us rooting for everyone participating in the challenge.

Okay, back to our favorites from the #BussItChallenge.

Get into these transformations.

Wait a minute. That was impressive, because you won’t catch us carrying our weight plus a baby trying to buss it. Kudos to this young lady.

We love a relaxed bonnet and pajamas look. She even gave a little twerk before the full out glam and buss it ministry.

Great, now we have FOMO!

It’s the self-care for us! Sis has on her mask, hair tied and effortlessly transitioned into the baddest bih.

Yes, we love that she added a bit of flair. Praying for your knees!  As for those watching, use caution when trying this challenge at home.

Her glow is breathtaking. She did not come to play!

The night owls have entered the challenge. At this point, Meg has some fierce competition the way you ladies’ knees are set up.

Alright now, the girls are so creative. She hand painted an entire cityscape on her face!

Stay hydrated my friends! The girls came to give it to you!

And, DID! Come on slow motion. It’s the effects that really set this challenge apart from the rest.

Well, that’s all for now. Explore the hashtag #BussItChallenge on social media and share your favorites with us. If you needed a sign to do it, here’s your motivation.

Happy scrolling!