Fans can’t stop talking about the chilling new season of Stranger Things. A new study reveals the most influential star from Season 4.

Meet 62-year-old artist Richard Hutchins, who went from spending his nights sleeping on Skid Row to having his artwork displayed in art galleries in Beverly Hills. We discussed how he met Charlie Rocket, his colored past, helping to clean up Los Angeles largest homeless community and some of his greatest inspirations.

We curated a list of Instagram's richest dogs that are living their most luxurious lives. The numbers reflected in this post are from the study conducted by ProDog Raw. Be sure to follow these cute dogs and see for yourselves just how fabulous the life of a doggy Instagram influencer truly is. 

Kati K. had a huge following and also worked as a doctor, specializing in dermatology. May she rest in peace.

These days, it can feel like you’re nobody if you’re not killing it on social media. With folks habitually checking Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s as though your life on the web means more than what’s really going on in your day-to-day. And being a social media influencer is the new popular—you’re not cool if […]

Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle is in theaters now and it’s a wild ride, perfect for the holidays. It’s not only funny it’s a wonderful tribute to the original film. The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black are magical in this movie. Last week some of New York’s coolest influencers got to check out the […]

Houston-born, Prairie View-raised Texas singer Gloria Prince is inspiring us to get up and “Go To Work” with her latest anthem. It’s hard, it’s catchy, but most importantly it’s the motivation we all need. “Go To Work” mirrors the rising star’s work ethic in real life. Affectionately known as Glo, she’s quick to let you […]

A wise man, or woman, once said, “Learn the rules so you know how to break them” — and CASSIUS has taken that at face value. The newly-launched site had the Internet buzzing all week over their captivating depiction of The First Supper. But this isn’t your grandmother’s old photo of Jesus and the disciples […]