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Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle is in theaters now and it’s a wild ride, perfect for the holidays. It’s not only funny it’s a wonderful tribute to the original film. The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black are magical in this movie. Last week some of New York’s coolest influencers got to check out the film at the beautiful iPic Movie Theaters at Fulton Market for the Xilla Movie Party. After the screening guests headed over to the Tuck Room where they had a Hennessy Privilege experience. Guests sipped Jumanji inspired cocktails like Hennessy Jumanji Ginger and others.

Singer and model Jordyn Taylor was on hand to watch Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle.

Beauty influencer Barbie Conga stopped by with her son, who loved the movie and can’t  stop talking about it.

Curl goddess Priscilla aka Shine Shruck showed up for the time of her life.

Host and makeup artist Avielle Amor was on hand at iPic Theaters and ordered the sliders which are scrumptious.

Rapper Kertasy, Power star Guyviaud Joseph and Instagram comedian Jacob Berger posed for a flick inside the Tuck Room.

New York Comedy Week comedian Desi Johnson and actor Julius Stukes enjoyed the film at the Xilla Movie Party

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