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Houston-born, Prairie View-raised Texas singer Gloria Prince is inspiring us to get up and “Go To Work” with her latest anthem. It’s hard, it’s catchy, but most importantly it’s the motivation we all need. “Go To Work” mirrors the rising star’s work ethic in real life. Affectionately known as Glo, she’s quick to let you know she’s earned her respect every step of the way.  “I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I’ve never allowed that to hinder what I want to do in life,” she explains. “I have goals to sell out stadiums across the world like Madison Square Garden, give back to communities worldwide and, of course, be a Grammy award-winning artist.” You’ve got to respect that!

If you ain’t up on game yet, get to know Glo through her latest offering above—then check out her favorite R&B songs of all time below.

1. Day 26 – “Since You Been Gone”

Glo: “This song just makes me feel like I don’t care who’s watching or listening; the world will stop when this song comes on.”

2. Marques Houston- “Everything”

Glo: “‘Everything’ makes me believe in love and I will definitely stop everything I’m doing to sing this song at the top of my lungs.”

3. Chris Brown- “Ya man ain’t me”

Glo: “‘Ya Man Ain’t Me’ makes feel like I’m in a movie with Chris Brown and he’s saving me from my knuckle head boyfriend and the world doesn’t exist around me.”

4. Destiny’s Child – “Say My Name”

Glo: “‘Say My Name’ makes me feel empowered.”

5. B2K – “Why I Love You”

Glo: “‘Why I Love You’ brings me so much joy and it makes feel like there is someone out there who actually thinks the way the lyrics were written. I believed every word.”

6. Tyrese-“How You Gonna Act Like That”

Glo: “This is such a classic—the arrangement…melodies. The soul in it just refuels my energy and takes away bad vibes.”

7. Usher – “You Make Me Wanna”

Glo: “Usher gives me such a groove on ‘You Make Me Wanna’ and makes me want to find someone to dance with.”

8. Monica – “Angel of mine”

Glo: “‘Angel of mine’ is just everything and I just love hearing it when it comes on.”

9. Keke Wyatt – “Nothing in the World”

Glo: “‘Nothing in the World’ is super genius, classic and it’s definitely on my playlist.”

10. India Arie – “The Truth”

Glo: “I love India and I believe she is the soul of music.”

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