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We sat down with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube to talk about their most recent film Ride Along, sexting and Sharkeisha!

In the movie Kevin’s character Ben aims to marry Angela, played by Tika Sumpter. Before he can do that, however, he must prove himself worthy to James, Angela’s cop brother. In doing so, Kevin is forced to set out on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta with James, Ice Cube’s character. What ensues is pure comedic genius! As you can imagine, earning James’ trust is no easy game; Ben hits plenty of speed bumps along the way.

Kevin admits that even his real love life has hit a few snags. The self-proclaimed rock star of comedy shared an interesting anecdote about a “friend” and his struggle with a sext gone rogue. That wasn’t all he had to share. Kevin also put us down on his feelings toward the Sharkeisha mash-up starring none other than himself.

For all that and more check out the interview above!

Ride Along hits theaters everywhere January 17.