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Colorado business are all smiles as the first numbers regarding marijuana sales come in.  In the first week, sales for retailers in Colorado are bigger than ever, with a combined total of $5 million dollars. Smaller shops have sold 20 to 30 pounds, while bigger shops have sold 50 to 60 pounds of strands like ‘Sour Diesel,’ ‘Golden Goat,’ and ‘Granddaddy Purple.’ The downside? The federal banks refuse to make marijuana sales a traditional tax write off. [Huff Post

According to a recent report by the Daily News, New York City police have solved more crimes with white victims than black victims. A puzzling 86 percent of crimes with white victims were solved compared to a low 45 percent with black victims. Apparently, harsh budget cuts are to blame, along with more attention being brought to counter terrorism attacks and lighter crimes like petty larceny. There are also less homicide detectives and officers who are available are often re-assigned to marijuana possession crimes.  [ThinkProgress

A police officer who shot an unarmed teenager in a car has been fired and will face criminal charges — making the Dec. 9 shooting in Dallas one of the first in the recent history of police shootings that an officer was apprehended. Kelvion Walker was hit when Cpl. Amy Wilburn shot inside the stolen vehicle he was riding in as passenger. When Wilburn approached the car, the driver fled and Walker sat with his hands up. Another officer, however, claimed that Walker lunged at the officers with a knife. Read about it here…[ThinkProgress]