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Chris Brown has grown up a lot since we were first introduced to him as the singing, dancing cutie pie that blew up the Billboard charts in 2005 with hit singles like “Run It,” “Yo,” and “Say Goodbye.”

With his sly smile, undeniable talent, and enthusiasm for his craft, Chris was not only a charming ladies man at just 16-years-old, but he was an instant superstar that many believed to be comparable to some of the greatest entertainers we’ve known.

Unfortunately, life took its toll and as we all know, Breezy’s had his share of ups and downs – this week, for example, Chris stepped out of rehab temporarily to appear in court for assault charges. (What’s positive about that sentence? Nothing.)

We know things haven’t been looking good for him, and he’s certainly made some mistakes along the way.

Still, we’re hopeful that 2014 will be a great year for Chris.

In the meantime, check out some hilariously cute and adorable throwback photos of the boy Breezy in the gallery below. Because, why not?


19 Throwback Photos Of Chris Brown You HAVE To See! (PHOTOS)
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