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It looks like all the NSA spying — including wiretaps — has done little to prevent terrorist attacks over the years. An analysis of 225 terrorism cases in the U.S. were studied by the non-profit New America Foundation, revealing that the NSA was able to crack only one case of possible terror: Basaaly-Moalin, who sent money to a terrorist group in Somalia. The NSA gained national attention when it was revealed that the program accumulated phone numbers with length and times of every American’s phone call in the U.S. last year. Was it all for naught? [Washington Post] 

After the murder of his family members in Bangui, a man ate the flesh off of another man in an act of revenge. Ouandja Magloire, who goes by “Mad Dog,” attacked a Muslim man in the capital of the Central African Republic after he killed Magloire’s pregnant wife, sister-in-law and child. In an interview with BBC, Mad Dog says that he attacked the alleged suspect, dragging him off a bus and burning him alive in the street. Others recorded the incident and have footage of Mad Dog eating the man’s leg. [BBC News] 

Nine women in Sweden have the gift of life after doctors performed successful womb transplants. The procedures were the first of their kind. The women were born without a uterus or had it removed due to complications from cervical cancer. The transplants began in September 2012 and were donated by relatives of the patients. [Washington Post] 

At least 25 people are behind bars with life sentences due to selling marijuana. The Human Solution, a pot advocacy group, believes that people who are in jail for selling marijuana deserve lighter prison sentences or none at all. “If we’re not sure whether this drug should even be an illegal narcotic, why are we sending people to jail for life for it?” said former Assistant U.S. Attorney General David Zlotnick. Meanwhile, Colorado has raked in millions after making pot legal at the start of the year. [Huff Post] 


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