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If you don’t know by now, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford loves to dance.

I mean, he really loves music.

So it’s no surprise that on Saturday night, he went out to the club to hit the dance floor and — if we know our man — have some drinks.

Because if you know anything about Ford, you know he likes to have a good time with drugs and alcohol. But his past behind him, the mayor, who announced he was running for re-election despite admitting he smoked crack, had a good time and even made some new friends.

Like them.

And them.

And this cute couple.

Proving that he doesn’t need those councilmen friends that threw him under the bus last year and stripped him of his mayoral powers.

But I guess he already determined that when he did this:

All new friends, Rob Ford. All new friends.

SOURCE: Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Instagram