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There’s so much wrong with this story.

Star NFL running back Arian Foster is being sued for asking his mistress to have an abortion.

According to reports, the 27-year-old Houston Texans baller hooked up with 20-year-old Brittany Norwood, a University of Houston student, who he got pregnant and then demanded she get an abortion.

The NY Daily News reports Brittany sued Foster and now a settlement is underway.

“He’s like, ‘You can’t have this, you can’t have this kid, like, we cannot bring a child into this, like, think about my kids,’” Norwood told a TV station.

The blond beauty is 17 weeks pregnant with a baby boy due in June, she said. She told the station she’s had DNA tests done which show there’s a 99.9% likelihood that Foster, who is married to Romina Lombardo, is the dad.

According to Norwood’s interview on a local TV news station, Arian also sent many text messages.

“You just can’t bring a life into this world under these circumstances. It’s not fair to anyone. It’s not just about you,” Arian wrote.

It didn’t stop there however. Foster’s brother, Abdul, also sent messages.

“He’s like, ‘You know, if you loved Arian at all you would have an abortion because this child is going to ruin everything,’” Norwood said. “’Like, our whole family will never accept this child.”

Foster hasn’t given a public comment so far.