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Deaf NFL player Derrick Coleman is sharing his inspiring story in a new Duracell ad that may just bring a tear to your eye.

Coleman was diagnosed with an irreversible genetic hearing impairment at the age of three. He was told his entire life that he should cast aside his dreams of playing in the NFL, but he refused to allow his disability to hold him back.

According to the Huffington Post, Coleman overcame his diagnosis by wearing a hearing aid on the field and learning to read lips. During college, Derrick was the star of the UCLA football team. Though he graduated from college without being picked up by an NFL team, he refused to give up.

Coleman’s hard work and perseverance prevailed and he was placed on the Minnesota Viking’s practice team last season. In December 2012, Derrick went on to join the Seattle Seahawks practice team and now serves as the team’s fullback.

Derrick Coleman is the first offensive player in NFL history to be declared legally deaf.

The ad details Derrick’s story from his diagnosis at an early age to his current status as an NFL superstar.

“I just hope to inspire people, especially children, to trust the power within and achieve their dreams,” he told Sporting News.

Check out his inspiring story above, and more below.

SOURCE: Sporting News