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Happy Birthday, Aaliyah.

Before Aaliyah’s untimely death on August 25, 2001, the world absolutely adored her. She was revered as the charismatic “girl next door” who was extremely talented, but when she unexpectedly died at the tender age of 22, the world was crushed.

Aaliyah’s voice was angelic, her beauty was remarkable, but most importantly, her spirit was pure.

In honor of what would be Aaliyah’s 35th birthday, we rounded up 35 gifs of the fallen “Enough Said” singer proving that she was “more than a woman.”

Take some time out of your day to remember Aaliyah and admire her beauty below.

1. Aaliyah had a wonderful wink. 

2. And perfect dimples. 

3. Just enough sass. 

4. Aaliyah was adorably shy. 

5. Her Laugh Was Infectious. 

6. And Her Smile Was Radiating. 

7. Her Dancing Was Precise. 

8. Her Focus Was Unbreakable. 

9. There Was Never A Challenge Too Big For Aaliyah. 

10. She Was The Woman All The Girls Want To Be & The Woman All The Guys Wanted To Have.

11. A Down To Earth Girl, Who…

12.  Always Kept It Real. 

13. Aaliyah Rocking The Boat…

14. And Working The Middle. 

15. Changing Positions. 

16. She Was Tough Enough To Hang With The Boys….

17. But Sweet Enough To Kick It With The Girls. 

18. “Are You That Somebody?”

19. “Back & Forth.”

20. Rocking The Boat In Slow Motion 

21. Aaliyah & DMX

22. On The Set Of “Back In One Piece.” 

23. So Sweet. 

24. Aaliyah’s Infamous Swoop. 

25. She’s Been Watching Us Like A Hawk. 

26. She Had A Jazz Personality…

27. And A G Mentality.

28. Yup. 

29. It’s Been Too Long…

30. And We’re Lost…

31. Without You. 

32. We’ve Been Wanting You…

33. Needing You….

34. We Miss You. 

35. Rest In Paradise, Baby Girl


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